Saturday, July 27, 2013

4th of July fun

Way back on the 4th of July, we were still living in a house with many boxes.  Our friends from Germany, the Bentons, who have just recently moved to GA were so nice and invited us over to BBQ and celebrate with them.  Mandy made the most delicious salad and dressing that I have had in a long time, and everything else was yummy too.  I ate far too much!

Anyway, I neglected to take any photos- it is even possible I hadn't located my camera yet- but Mandy took some great ones.  Including ones of my growing belly and goofy facial expressions- special thanks for that Mandy!  (Also, if Rob's shorts look a little mismatched with his shirt, it is because he had not yet found the bin with most of his clothes in it.)

Here is the link if you'd like to see for yourself--  4th of July

We are so glad you are here Bentons!  :)


Aubrey said...

Just read Mandy's post. Those photos seriously had me laughing out loud. So much fun, but it also made me miss you both so darn much. Wonder if there is any work Nick could do in GA... :)

KEK said...

Love this post and your face. Your family is missed!