Friday, July 26, 2013

The Museum of Play

The last day of our trip to New York, Rob and I decided to take our kids to the National Museum of Play in Rochester. I guess I drag my family to a lot of museums, but this was one that Rob had found online and the kids could really appreciate.

Charlotte got to talk with Rosalita on Sesame Street.

Toby played the pipes ala Blue Man Group.

Nearly everything in this place is hands on! 
The kids created their own imaginary creatures.

As well as crowns and tiaras.  You can also see a shelf of books in the background.  The museum is FILLED with children's books and reading nooks, and local library card holders can check out books directly from the museum.

Toby got to see what it was like to climb the walls like Spiderman in the comic book exhibit.

And Jakey found a car table that was just the right size for little guys.  Actually the biggest problem we had at the museum was getting Jake to leave one activity to explore another.  He never would have left the fish tanks by the entrance if it were up to him!

I was looking forward to the Berenstein Bear's Country, and it was neat to explore the quilt shop, house, school, restaurant, and farm set up in this section.  (I think I want a blue and white polka dot dress now like Mama Bear and Kate Middleton.)
I didn't snap pictures of it- but Rob particularly enjoyed playing some of the "vintage" video games available in the arcade and electronic games displays.  Frogger, PacMan, Skeeball, original Nintendo... it really was a trip down memory lane as we saw toys from our pasts and got to play with some of them too. 
The kids also liked shopping in the biggest play grocery store I have ever seen and made me laugh with their selections.  (Charlotte picked fruits, veggies, a hunk of cheese and a loaf of french bread- very Euro of her.  Toby picked cake mix, ice cream, and party supplies- for a special celebration.  And Jakey picked 4 packs of strawberries and all the bananas on the display!) 
We played until we were all SOOOO exhausted that we ate a late lunch (at nearly 3 pm) and went back to the hotel for a 2 hour nap. Best. Museum. Ever.

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Aubrey said...

You mean a museum about PLAY was better for kids than, say, the Louvre or Vatican or Tate Modern or Rijksmuseum?! ;)

Ella and Kate don't know that FUN museums like that even exist, and I do not plan to tell them until we leave Europe.