Monday, September 09, 2013

birthday boy

We are knee deep in birthday season here at our house! On Saturday we celebrated Toby's FIFTH birthday! (We partied a little early so that no unforeseen labor and delivery scenarios would get in the way.)   For his birthday this year, Toby requested a playdate to Adventure Crossing with his Daddy in lieu of a party.  Perfect for this very, very pregnant mom!  :)

Toby and Rob spent the day doing whatever Toby wanted to do which included skeeball, air hockey, race car games, and other fun in the arcade.  (Check out all those tickets!  He apparently used them all to buy candy, a matchbox car, and a couple of plastic dinosaurs at the end of the day.)

Go-Karts!  They arrived right at opening and did this activity first, which is why Toby is the only kid out there.  He apparently drove very cautiously around the track.  I love our serious little man.  They also took a ride on the larger track together with Rob driving... but Toby thought it was "a little too loud, and too fast... and a little too bumpy."  So they actually pulled off the track before time was up.

After that they moved on to an airplane midway ride, and then a game of mini-golf.
By that point they were both hot and sweaty and decided to head to Chick-Fil-A for a late lunch before coming home.

Back at the homestead, Charlotte, Jake, and I spent most of the day baking Toby's birthday cake, wrapping his gifts, and then preparing the dinner he requested. 
1. The cake was my own personal nightmare... Toby had drawn me a picture of what he wanted and I can confidently tell you- this is not it.  I was in tears while decorating it over how badly it was going.  (Note to self: do not attempt to decorate a cake ever again when 8 1/2 months pregnant.)  Ever the gentleman, Toby told me it looked great, and it did taste good, but I am still feeling wretched about it.
2.  For his birthday this year, he got an Angry Birds board/card game, a Ninjago t-shirt, and a talking Stormtrooper mask.  These toys are far too grown up for my liking.
3.  For his birthday dinner Toby requested "that one with the bum-shaped beans and orange potatoes."  Luckily for him, I knew that meant North African Beef Stew with couscous, which is an easy one that we all like.  Yay!
Toby also enjoyed being sung to in Primary (the children's Sunday school at our church) and taking cupcakes to share with his Preschool class today.  Altogether, I think he had a pretty great birthday this year, and he is loving telling people that he is "five, and soon I'll be six!"  Don't grow up too fast buddy!
Toby's birthday interview
What's your favorite color? Blue and green and brown
What's your favorite movie? Wreck-it Ralph
What's your favorite song? Jingle Bells
What's your favorite food? Bananas
What's your favorite thing to do with Charlotte? Play games- like Blokus and Cat in the Hat and Candyland.
What's your favorite thing to do with Jacob? Wake him up.
What's your favorite thing to do with Mom? Cuddle! :)
What's your favorite thing to do with Dad? Do that fruit game with him on the Kindle.
What’s your favorite part of the school day? Eating lunch.
What do you want to be when you grow up? I don't know. A builder or a missionary or a dad.
What makes you feel happy? When someone wants to be my friend.
Toby is just the most tender-hearted, sensitive boy I know.  Usually this is a blessing, occasionally it is a curse.  There is a little boy in Toby's class that is "always on yellow or red" and this has had Toby worried immensely.  Every day on the way home, he needs to discuss it, and we have brainstormed ways Toby can be a friend and example.  Today he was THRILLED to report that his friend stayed on green for the first time!  I am so proud of Toby for his kind, loving heart and desire to help others.  He is growing up to be an amazing little man.

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Aubrey said...

I love how Toby retains all those wonderful qualities (kindness, gentleness, serious concentration, and outstanding critical thinking skills) as he grows. He is still identifiably the same little man he was last time we saw him...when he was TWO. Love those Anderson kids. Miss you all!

P.S. The cake looked great, even if it wasn't quite the design Toby had in mind. And since YOU baked it, I know without a doubt it tasted AMAZING!