Thursday, October 10, 2013

Getting to know Amelie

Well, time flies when you're having babies!  I have been trying to update blogger for a week.

Amelie is now 3 weeks old! 
And we are enjoying getting to know her personality a little more all the time.  Jake is soooo happy to be a big brother.  He clearly did not want to be the "baby" in this family and is very confident in his new big kid role.

We have had loads of time to love on our new baby sister.
Rob took off the first week after Amelie was born, and then went to work for a few days before being furloughed by our lovely government.  He is back to work now, but Grandma Anderson arrived for the week on Saturday, AND we have been overwhelmed with delicious food from our friends and church community.  I have been seriously spoiled. Things are gonna fall apart next week when everyone leaves me! 

Girl time. 
 I'm glad these two have each other.  Sisters are such special people, wouldn't you agree?

Check it out- Amelie's eyes are still blue.  They are like dark blue-gray. They may darken yet, but they might also stay blue.  The other kiddos' eyes were all brown by the end of the first week.  We'll have to wait and see.

At Amelie's 2 week old check-up she already weighed 9 lbs. 4 oz. (85th%)  I am sure she is over 10 lbs. by now and is beginning to get little ankle rolls and double chins.  I love fat babies.  :) 
Amelie is NOT sleeping well.  Maybe she is on Paris time?  I cannot stress this point enough.  I am tired.  Rob is tired.  With three other kids in the house, it isn't like we can just sleep whenever... though I confess I have been with Rob's mom here.  That is why I am dreading next week and the start of my REAL solo time.  But, we'll cope somehow.  Just look at this little face!  It is more than worth a few (hundred) sleepless nights, right?


Mandy Benton said...

Oh Julie, my tired little heart goes out to you!!! Maebry did NOT SLEEP WELL for 6 MONTHS!! It is all such a dream-like blur but...we made it through! It made me cherish sleep even more now :-) Her awful sleep patterns led us to co-sleep, desperate measures, my friend. Alas, she's still in our bed....oh well. Wishing you a good restful night, you need it!!

Aubrey said...

That face is DEFINITELY worth a little lost sleep! Love the sisters pic and love that you're getting to know your littlest one.