Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Georgia snow day 2014!

In our third winter in Georgia, we have finally had our first snowfall! It snowed during the night last night, and Charlotte, Toby, and Jake were out by 7:45 this morning!

They are sitting on their legs, not waist deep in snow.  All told, we got about an inch and a half.  Which was enough to close schools today AND tomorrow!  I already got the automated phone call from the school.  Rob also had the day off today as there is just no snow clearing equipment around here.

By some miracle, I was able to dig up snow pants for all three big kids (that fit even!) And we had hats and coats, but we were lacking some good gloves and any sort of boots.  Jake came in a few times this morning with bright red hands because he kept taking off the little knit mittens we put on him. He didn't seem to mind too much.

This is Charlotte and Toby's 6 inch tall snowman.

Two of our neighbor boys came over to sled down the very slight hill in our backyard and throw some snowballs with Toby. (The sledding worked once Rob got a "track" packed down for them., and Toby has been dreaming of snowball fights all winter, so he was overjoyed.)  And yes, that is Charlotte belly down, eating snow off the ground.  Lovely.

In between outdoor play times, our kids came in for hot cocoa and muffins for breakfast, and chili cheese nachos for lunch while clothes were thrown in the dryer- which brings us up to now.  I have set the kids the task of drawing me pictures of their favorite thing about this snow day and Jakey will be going down to nap this afternoon.  Which is my favorite part of a snow day.

Amelie agrees with me.

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Aubrey said...

SNOW DAY IN GA! What a fun experience! I love the way everything in the south shuts down for a little bit of the white stuff.

Charlotte face down eating snow...well at least she and Ella would get along well together.