Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

I thought I would sit down and record how we rang in the New Year... and immediately realized that I have no actual memories of New Year's Eve this year.  I do remember about four trips to the pediatrician between Christmas and now for Jake's ear infection and bronchitis and Amelie's RSV followed immediately by croup.  And I also remember many, many nights when I was up at midnight giving breathing treatments to little ones- hey! maybe one of those happened to be New Year's Eve?!!?  At any rate, we did not go out and celebrate this year, we stayed home and hibernated instead.  (As we have done most- maybe all- years since we got married.  Rob and I agree it is highly preferable to the late night parties we went to as singletons.)

At any rate, here we are in 2014, which promises to be another busy year for us!  But more on that in coming months.  (No, I am not pregnant.)  We talked about goal setting with the kiddos and made some New Year's resolutions individually over dinner and that was fun.  I tried to keep it simple this year for my personal goals:

1. Obviously, try to get back to pre-baby weight.  Is this ever not my goal in years when I am not pregnant?  Well, I have done it three times before, and I will do it again. 

2. Memorize all 100 scripture mastery scriptures.  In high school, Mormon kids go to Seminary which is a daily scripture study class.  Each year there are 25 scriptures to memorize as part of the coursework.  I only went to Seminary my Junior and Senior year- to what is called Early Morning Seminary where we met each day around 6 am for an hour before going to school.  So I only ever memorized 50 of these passages, which I have mostly forgotten in the 18 years since then.  I think this will be a good spiritual, as well as mental, goal for me.

3. Teach my children more life skills.  I think this is important.  I want independent children.  I want capable children who are confident when they contribute in our home AND when they finally leave our home... which I realize will be all too soon.  The kiddos set their own goals which fit nicely with this goal of mine, so I am hopeful that we will all learn a lot together this year.

And that's it!  Three goals this year.  I should be able to manage that, right?  And anyway, even IF(when?) I fall short, I figure I will have progressed beyond where I am now- and personal progress is a good thing.  I have already gotten started this week on all of my goals in fact...

Miss Pinkness is 3 and 1/2 months old now and actually likes sitting in the exersaucer.  Unlike the bouncy seat, or the boppy, or the bumbo.  I think she is happy to be upright and in a position to squeal her orders at everyone in the room or give smiles when she is pleased with her minions.  She has BIG plans for 2014.

Toby and Jake volunteered to wash the dishes last night. They say "many hands make light work," and I hope that someday they will, but teaching those hands what to do is a whole lot of work for the mom.

Charlotte very much wants to learn to cook.  So last night she peeled the potatoes for our potato soup and helped put together a simple salad.  I truly enjoyed having her happily help me in the kitchen.  It is fun to see what the kids are capable of when given an opportunity to help.

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Khinna said...

I really like that you want to teach and have your kids learn life skills. Something I need to do more. Miss you and your family.