Saturday, March 29, 2014

ballet angel

This past week was all about the Columbia County Ballet's production of The Roar of Love!  You may remember that Charlotte was a Pony in this production (that tells the story of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) last year.  This year she was an Angel.  The Angels and Stars come on stage to celebrate after Aslan comes back to life.

We had two rehearsals downtown in Augusta this week and then the BIG SHOW was this afternoon.  Charlotte, of course, did fantastic.  I am also proud of myself for conquering my fear of the "ballet bun" and for volunteering as a stage mom and helping to get the Stars and Angels dressed, on stage, off stage, and undressed today.  35 little girls!!!  Whoo, it was loud in that dressing room, and I am tuckered out!  Now here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Outside the theatre, just before spacing rehearsal.

Dress rehearsal. Check out that extension! 
(And notice the bun is staying put as well.)

Charlotte was at the front of a line of girls and was worried about remembering all of the cues and hitting the marks on the stage, but she did really well in the performance.

So sweet... and serious.

Happy ballerina after the performance!

With her best ballet buddies, Adair and Skyler.  
These three girls have been in the same ballet class for three years now and get along so great.

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Aubrey said...

Such a precious little angel! Well done volunteering backstage, my friend. And kudos to Rob for volunteering to handle the rest of your brood solo during a performance!