Monday, March 10, 2014

Calhoun, GA and Savannah's baptism

A few weeks ago we took a mini-road trip around Georgia.  Rob took us to Calhoun, GA where he attended high school and showed us the sights.  Behold!  The sights!  Just teasing... Calhoun is a small town.  Much like the one I grew up in waaaaay up north.  Ha!  We even went to church there on Sunday morning and visited a small branch of our church, where Rob seemed to be a bit of a celebrity.  This part is no joke.  I have never in my life been personally welcomed to church over the lectern and had everyone in the chapel turn to stare and smile at me. And this was no brief greeting!  It went on and on.  And where was Rob while this was happening?  In the foyer with the baby!!! Holy heart attack Batman, I was very overwhelmed, but very welcomed.

We also took the kids to New Echota. I had never heard of it before, but it was at one time the capitol of the Cherokee Nation.  (Before the Trail of Tears.)  There is a museum there now and historical park to explore.  It was a perfect outing for our own little tribe to get some wiggles out and learn about a different way of life.

Our best group shot... sun in the eyes and all. Sidenote: I cannot imagine living in a home that size with four kids. But so many people did just that, back in the day, with many, many more kids.  The handwoven baskets inside were gorgeous though.  I would happily take those home with me.

We spent the night in a hotel near the highway and took our bathing beauty for her first swim in the hotel pool.  (Check out those rolls!  I love 'em.)  Amelie did pretty well in the hotel room overnight.  Jake is still our most restless sleeper and luckily Rob shared a bed with him! Every time I looked over there Jake was in a different position and he even fell out of the bed once. (That didn't wake him up though.)

We also ate THE WORST Chinese food in the history of takeout.  Initially we wanted hoagies because I forgot that we were in rural Georgia... and there was not a single place to get a hoagie, (not even a Subway,) in the whole town!  So Rob improvised and brought back THE WORST Chinese food.  Seriously, I actually gagged and ate a granola bar I found in my purse for dinner instead. (Rob concurred that his food was bad, but mine was truly inedible.)

And finally, we ended our road trip on a fabulously happy note.  We drove up to visit Rob's sister and attend the baptism of our niece Savannah.  (Dressed in white in the center.)  Our kids love getting a chance to play with their cousins and we are so glad we got to share this special day with Savannah.  Jake had no nap and was feeling pretty anti-social by this point unfortunately.  I bribed him to be good by telling him there would be cake after the baptism.  SO of course the moment Savannah came up out of the water Jake declared, "Now we eat tate!" Love that goofy little Bear. 

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Aubrey said...

Sugar, you got a little taste of southern hospitality with that welcome from the pulpit! This Oklahoma girl would love to make a trip to New Echota some day. I have no words to describe the infinite cuteness of that swimsuit and those leg rolls!