Saturday, March 22, 2014

take me out to the ballgame

Today was the opening day of T-ball for Toby. I have never been much of a baseball fan, (huge understatement,) but something magical happened today when Toby suited up in his Braves uniform for the first time and now I am LOVING baseball, small town America, and apple pie!

He warmed up with a game of catch before the teams paraded onto the field at 9 am, listened to a speech from the mayor, had a prayer, and sang the national anthem.  I am telling ya, opening day of baseball in a small town is pretty awesome.

After the opening ceremony we had some time to kill with group and individual photos before his first game against the Cardinals.  I got him a hot dog from the concession stand and we visited the bounce houses.  Then Rob arrived with the three other kiddos just in time for game time at noon.

Bench talk is serious stuff.

Next up to bat for the Party Box Braves is #10 Tooooooby Anderson!  By the way, I asked Toby if I could call him "Smalls" like the main character in The Sandlot. (Toby's favorite movie.) He replied that I could call him "Medium" because he is not very small.  I also spent most of the morning calling him "Party Box," because of the shirt, and because I think it would be a rad nickname.

Rounding the bases!

For some reason, he felt the need to hold onto his batting helmet as he rounded the bases.  Those little circles make great handles.

And in the field.  
Toby played left field and short stop today, but will try out all of the positions over the course of the season. Toby was very serious the whole day... he is not fooling around out there.   
I am so proud of my little baller!  

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