Thursday, May 29, 2014

southern spring

I recently came across a blog post I made after Toby was born where I commented on how difficult it was to blog with two small children.... HA!  Well, that was my truth then, and this is my truth now.  It is dang difficult to make time to blog with four small children.

I love springtime in Georgia!  It is warm and lovely.  Staying under 100 degrees so far, and I don't have much of a problem with seasonal allergies; so this is the time of year that I want to be outdoors here and just enjoy it.  Easter was a whirlwind this year as we had just returned from Utah in time to dye a few eggs, attend church, and make a semi-traditional dinner. (I did pork loin instead of a ham because we prefer it.)

For some reason, nothing I could do was going to make Amelie touch an Easter egg.  The stubborn gene is clearly expressed in everyone under this roof.

She is still a happy, smiley baby though and she is now MOBILE! I'll blog about her specifically soon, but let's just say her locomotion is very slug-like.  She likes to stand up while holding on to things too- but you have to be ready to catch her when she misjudges her ability level and suddenly lets go.  I am sad to see the baby chubbiness already starting to fade away.

We made our first trip to the lake when Rob had a work picnic there.  The kiddos dug, swam, splashed, and played.  Jakey, however, would not get in the water when I confirmed for him that fish do live in this particular lake.  I tried to explain that they would be more afraid of him than he is of them, and that they would not eat him, but it was not happening.

We went to listen to the Augusta Symphony Orchestra's 'Pops Under the Stars' and got rained on a little bit.  The rains were short-lived though, and we enjoyed the music and our little picnic dinner and some ice cream cones from Bruster's.

Sometimes you just have to give your little boys what they want.
Cuter than the original brothers, in my opinion.

We have also already finished out the school year here!  Toby is officially a preschool graduate.  I told him he needs to get a job now, and he agreed.  He suggested he babysit Amelie when I make dinner and help vacuum the house.  I'll take it!  Rob says I shouldn't tease our serious little man, but I said I will gladly pay Toby for his time.

We also had our last ballet class!  After three years of ballet, Charlotte is thinking she'd like to take a break from it and enroll in an art class next year.  I fully support this decision and am looking forward to displaying even more masterpieces next year.

Toby finished off his second year of speech therapy with Mrs. Day.  His speech has improved dramatically this year, and Toby and I both really liked his teacher.  We will miss her smiles, games, and positive encouragement.

You may remember Charlotte's felt monster she made a while back?  Well, we had also started ones for Toby and Jakey, and we finally got around to finishing those.  The yellow one is Jake's (super-tired napless boy in this photo,) and the green one is Toby's.  Charlotte made Jake's and Toby did most of his own sewing on his.  These were great little projects for learning to sew and follow a pattern, but I'm not gonna lie, I am so glad that is done with!

The grass is green!  The sky is blue!  We are really going to miss Georgia in some ways when we move back to Germany this summer!  As we begin to prepare for our next adventure, we have been talking about the friends we have made, and the reasons why we are happy to have lived here, and it is always bittersweet moving on, but we are looking forward to our return to Deutschland.

In particular, I have to take a moment to thank my GA book club ladies for their friendship, examples, support, and delicious treats.  Oh, and the books were pretty good too!  I will miss your sweet faces.

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Mandy Benton said...

Oh Julie! I just saw this post--I am so far behind with my own blog and I can't keep up with anyone else's either!! The pic of you, me, and Lisa made me a weepy-eyed! :-( Miss you my friend and I hope life is so awesome for you now!!!