Sunday, May 11, 2014

wedding weekend

A few weeks ago Amelie and I flew to PA for my nephew Allen's wedding reception.  Allen isn't a lot younger than me and he and I lived in the same house for about eight years when we were growing up, so he often seems more like a little brother to me than a nephew.  He and his wife Robin got married in Antigua and sadly we could not make the trip, so I was really happy to help out with and attend their reception.

Jen and my sister Pam have been best friends since grade school and paired up to do much of the wedding planning (under Robin's instructions of course.)  I flew in on Friday and we went directly to the venue to set up tables, put together centerpieces, and decorate.

Because of various circumstances, I spent most of my teen years with Allen tagging along. I "babysat" him daily.  I got a teeny bit of revenge on Friday by putting Allen's son Ben in charge of Amelie.  He was very conscientious about picking up toys and giving them back to her and I think he was a little alarmed to be put in charge of another person.  Unlike his daddy, Ben was born with a small amount of fear. I thought it was great!  

Pop-pop and Grandma Linda came to help decorate and hold the baby.

Amelie was generally very happy with all of the attention she received and all of the people who were willing to hold her and spoil her all weekend.

Ben came up with this plan and Allen was more than happy to wheel him around on this cart that held the folding tables.  Like father, like son?

Amelie was ready to party at the reception!

Allen and Robin had a cupcake tower with a cake topper depicting the bride dragging the groom out of the garage. It was very cute.

Family of the groom.

Mother son dance.
I don't think Pam or Allen cried at this point... but Allen and Robin had asked me to say the prayer before the dinner, and if you know me at all, you know I was talking through my tears, and when I went back to sit down found that I was not the only one.  (I made them all cry!) Allen definitely has had a way of learning things the hard way, and it was such a joy to celebrate a truly happy milestone with him.

It was a late night out for the baby girl, but I found a rocking chair and situated it so Lucy (my sister Melissa's mother-in-law) could rock the baby.  They both seemed to be happy with this arrangement; I know I was!  

Congratulations Allen and Robin and Ben!
We love you and wish you health, happiness, and a home full of love!

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