Saturday, June 28, 2014

Amma llama loves her mama

Last week Amelie turned 9 months old! She is getting to be such a little person and I just love cuddling and kissing her chubby cheeks. Shortly after she turned 6 months old, she cut her first tooth. Now at 9 months old, she has 3 teeth and is cutting 3 more.  Around 8 months old, Amelie was getting up to sitting from a lying down position and beginning to have some forward motion.  I took some photos of this of course.

 The basic idea of her movement was to first push up into a plank.

Next, she would push her body forward by pushing her hands backward and getting a little assist from her tiptoes.

Then, sometimes she had to take a little rest and check under the chair for missing Legos.

Finally, with a little encouragement from her big brother, she would repeat the process.
It looked very much like the butterfly stroke in swimming.

Now at 9 months, however, Ami is a proper and proficient crawler. She is even dabbling in cruising around the furniture. ('Ami pajami' in this photo.)

Everyone in our house loves playing with their little doll baby sister.  It can be dangerous, but I keep a pretty close eye on her.  This is easy to do because she is almost always clinging to my leg saying, "mom-mom-mom!" I like to put Charlotte or Toby in charge of babysitting for short periods of time so I can do things (like shower) and they have been great helpers this summer.

Amelie took her first trip to Edisto beach a couple of weeks ago as well.  It is difficult to take a mobile baby to a place full of sand, and either Rob or I had to hold her all day, but she absolutely loved being in the water.  She loves any and all water- the bathtub, the pool, the lake, and now the ocean- she is such a water baby!

Ami eats like a champ and is starting to drink a bottle in the afternoon (finally.)  She likes to eat those little puffs for a snack and try bites of whatever we are having for dinner. She gives kisses, waves at people, and says, "Mama, Dada, bye-bye, and ni-night."  She also shakes her head and nods, but I am not convinced she knows what those things mean yet. 

She is still not a great sleeper and wakes me up once or twice a night to nurse.  Usually at midnight and 4 am.  If she gets up between 5:30 and 6:30 am, Rob puts her in the backpack carrier and they go for a morning walk together and then have their breakfast together.  I love this, as it means I get some more sleep!

We love our little Ameloo. She is still so smiley and loving and happy.  As long as she is getting her way.  I'm afraid she is getting to be quite spoiled because we all like to hold her and kiss her... but can a baby ever be held and kissed too much, really?


Aubrey said...

So many things to say! Way too many for one comment, but I'm going to do it anyway. (Apologies in advance.)
1) That baby can never be hugged and kissed too much! She's beyond precious!
2) Love the Llama Mama references/nicknames. (You know we're big on nicknames.)
3) We're headed to the beach on Thursday (Croatia per the Anderson family's glowing recommendation) and a mama-of-four recommended that we buy a plastic paddling pool and put Annie (a water baby just like Amelie) in there while we're on the beach. I think it sounds brilliant in theory, but the true test will come later this week.
4) Your Rob is so wonderful. Nick and Annie have morning "Teenser time" when she wakes early and it's beyond amazing. Thank goodness for these husbands of ours!

KEK said...

She looks like a mini Jakey. Wow, growing up alright!