Tuesday, June 24, 2014

roll with me baby

For Father's Day this year, I decided we would do something a little bit different.  Every year I ask Rob what he would like for Father's Day and every year he says, "something yummy to eat, like curry." And so I make a dinner and dessert that he likes for Sunday dinner and the kiddos make him some homemade cards, and I maybe have a small gift for him.  Well, we did all those things this year too (his small gift was a Superman t-shirt, because you have to be pretty super to be the dad in this house.) But I also secretly got us a babysitter for Saturday night and surprised Rob with a date night at the roller derby!  He really was surprised!

We had never been to the roller derby before, but enjoyed the movie Whip It when we saw it, and when we saw that Augusta had a roller derby team a few months ago, the Soul City Sirens, we began joking about going to a match.  When I saw they had a home match the night before Father's Day, inspiration struck.

So anyway, we went to the roller derby.  We sat on the front row. We thoroughly enjoyed the players' and refs' pseudonyms (Ivana Hitavitch, Speedy Garcia, Space Invader, Pink Sox, Julius Seizure, and Vanilla Vice to name a few.) It was different than the movie, obviously... much more suburban, well-lit, and family friendly even.

We tried very hard to figure out when people were scoring points and to see who the lead jammer was, but I'm not gonna lie, mostly it was fun to watch the brutality and imagine the bruises.  The 70's and 80's rock music was a nice touch too.  (My personal favorite song of the night was Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls.)

If you look on the wall you can see the half time score was 144 to 32, and the second half went pretty much the same way. The Sirens slaughtered the Rome Rollergirls.  It was very entertaining. I don't think we are going to become regulars at the roller derby, but it sure was a fun and different night out! After the match, we went out for frozen yogurt and took a walk.  

Awww, aren't we cute in our new hipster specs at the roller derby!?!?
I just love my Rob so much. He is a wonderful husband and father and I am glad he willingly goes along with my silly plans. We have so much fun just being dorks together.


KEK said...

I love that you guys went to a roller derby. We might have to check out our local derby now :)

Aubrey said...

This post makes me want to do so many things.

1) Watch Whip It.
2) Have a date night that may or may not involve roller derby.
3) Get Nick a Superman shirt.
4) Buy new hipster specs. You guys are so cute!