Wednesday, July 16, 2014

temporary quarters

Just a brief note to let you all know we are still alive. 

We moved out of our home in Georgia at the end of June and packed all of our belongings away in a storage unit. We had hoped to be in Germany by the beginning of July... but that has not yet happened.  So, the kiddos and I are squatting at my sister Pam's home in Pennsylvania and trying our best to fill our days and enjoy visiting. 

I am thankful that we have family that are willing to take us in.  But folks, it is stressful not knowing how long this "between time" is going to last. It is difficult to be in someone else's home (no matter how welcome we have been made,) with all four kiddos and I in one room, living out of suitcases, with Rob back in Georgia going to work and trying to get things moving.  It is exhausting to be short on sleep and have my two littlest sharing a stomach bug and fevers.  I am trying very hard to stay positive, but each day seems to bring new frustrations, and I could really use your positive thoughts, prayers, and good vibes to get me through this time... if you don't mind.

In an effort to end on a happy note, let me share some of the fun we have been having here! Pictures will have to come in a later post (though I misplaced the camera for about a week, so I don't have many photos actually,) but so far in PA:

-We have enjoyed swimming at Melissa's and Connie's pools.
-We celebrated America's independence with a Cinco de Julio picnic, complete with taco bar, s'mores, and fireworks.
-The kiddos got to feed the horses treats and go horseback riding at Jen's.
-We have visited the farm and pet the new mini-donkey, Buckwheat, and the new orphaned calf, Milkshake, and the rabbits.
-We have gone out for ice cream at the Kunkletown General Store, and Italian ice at Rita's.
-We had pizza from Frank's.
-We have gone to storytime at the library I grew up going to with Pop-Pop and looked at Phoebe's waxworks, which I enjoyed as a kiddo.
-We have gone to the playground.
-We watched The Lego Movie with Pop-Pop.
-We visited my mom's grave and the neighborhood where I grew up.
-The kids have made new friends with their cousin's cousins.
-We have had campfires, long walks, and caught lightning bugs.


Aubrey said...

Prayers and good thoughts coming your way, friend! It stinks to be stuck in limbo, but it sounds like you're making the most of the extra time with family. I've got my fingers and toes crossed that you get to Germany soon. I NEED to see you next month! We've got three little people we need to meet and four slightly larger little people who need to get reaquainted!

Suz said...

Oh Jules, I just saw this blog post! Sending some serious positive vibes your way! I hope you are hanging in there (maybe you're in Germany by now?). Love you and keep your chin up!