Monday, August 18, 2014

Jakey's 3 years old!

Last week our big Bear turned three years old!

Jacob is a funny guy.  He likes to get into mischief, and tell jokes, and make people laugh.  He is a rough and tumble kid sometimes and other times he is cautious and cuddly.  I never know what to expect from this guy when we experience something new and unfamiliar.  Will it be the brave Bear or the careful kiddo?  This Summer he loved swimming and splashing in the ocean and pools.  He would get right into the water and go!  However, he does NOT like to get his face wet and did not want to jump in to the pool.  And the day we drove back from the beach, he was asleep in his carseat and apparently had a nightmare as he woke up yelling, "the water is getting me!"

Jake loves the outdoors.  He hiked Hawk Mountain in PA like a trooper!  And while we stayed at my sister's house, he could always be found roaming around outside exploring barefoot.  His ideal summer vacation, I think!

We celebrated Jake's birthday a little bit early with a family party in Pennsylvania.  I did the best I could on a short timeline (and with my niece Leah's baking assistance) and made curry, naan, and mango lassis for dinner and a snake cake at Jake's request.  It kinda looked like a snake that ate a wheel, but he was very happy with it, so I guess that is what counts.

Jakey continues to be in the 90th percentile for height and weight.  Our big boy tries very hard to keep up with the big kids and can get very frustrated when they tell him he is too little for something.  His standard reply is, "I'm bigger now!" When he can't keep up with his words, he resorts to his bodily strength and he and Toby have taken to knock down, drag out brawling at times.  I guess that is how brothers are, but it is a new development in our family!  

We love the laughter that Jake brings to our days.  I love hearing "I want you , Mom" when he starts to get sleepy or shy and wants to climb in my lap and cuddle.  I also love hearing his ideas about things, which are often hilarious, but always well thought out.  Jake still needs to work on being a bit more gentle with the baby, and of course, as a normal three year old, listening to instructions and obeying his parents, but that will come in time.  He loves all things with wheels, but especially construction vehicles.  He is just starting to be interested in pirates, and swords, and guns. We love you Jakey Bear!

Jake's birthday interview:
What is your favorite color? white and blue
What do you want to be when you grow up? go to the mall and play at a play area
What is your favorite thing to do with Dad? build a house outside, a smaller one
What is your favorite thing to with Mom? you can build a house with us
What is your favorite toy? tractors and cars
What is your favorite song? itsy, bitsy spider
What is your favorite movie? Jake and the Pirates

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Aubrey said...

Happy birthday, Jacob! Love his interview. Miss you guys.