Tuesday, August 26, 2014

long hot summer

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up...

This Summer, we were supposed to move to Germany in June.  We had to move out of our house at the beginning of July, but for various reasons, we didn't actually make it to Germany until 2 days ago.  Where were we in the meantime?  What did we do with all of our "free" time?  Here is a small sampling.

Toby lost his first tooth!

While I packed and cleaned out our old house in GA, the kiddos kept themselves entertained.

Then we loaded up ye olde minivan and headed to PA, as explained in a previous post.  "Minnie" never let us down and it was a wee bit bittersweet for me when we sold her last week.

"Hunger Games" style water balloon fight.  Make it to the cornucopia of water balloons and slay the other tributes! 

Thanks to Dan, I am no longer the tallest Kaufman kid.

This was not my idea.  And no, we didn't coordinate our outfits.

Beware of Bear.

Hawk Mountain hike.

Oh look!  I found a Peanut!

Tom and Becca recently moved to PA and drove baby Dean out so we could meet him. And of course he is adorable!

I love hiking in PA.

Becky's Drive-in to see Planes: Fire & Rescue with Allen, Robin & Ben.

Lots of time to hang out with Pop-Pop and Grandma Linda.

Hand, foot, and mouth disease struck Jake and Amelie.  We also had an assortment of colds, coughs, and eye infections!  It has been a long time since we had so much sickness in such a short period of time and it was extra challenging while living out of suitcases.  Everyone is fine now.  

Back in GA for a few weeks before flying out, we took some time to visit with friends and some of our favorite places one last time.  Here, we walked 5 miles along the Savannah River Canal on a beautiful morning.  

The day before we left GA, it was 100 degrees out.  When we arrived in Germany, Sunday morning, it was about 55 degrees out, and got up to 70 by mid-afternoon.  We have had a busy few days- registering for school, beginning the house hunt, etc. but we are THRILLED to finally be here!  Give us a few weeks to settle in, and then we will have your room ready for you!

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Aubrey said...

So glad you guys are getting settled! Wish like all get out we could have seen you earlier in the month, but you did an amazing job making the most of a stressful situation. Hugs to you all!