Thursday, September 11, 2014

Househunters International

We have been busy since we arrived here in Germany, and one of the first jobs on our list was to find a new home! We had some extensive criteria I suppose, but I don't think we are super hard to please.  Below you will see photos of our top two contenders, please comment with you vote on which house we chose, and in my next blog post I will tell you the winner!

4+ bedrooms
2+ bathrooms
2000+ square feet
located between Rob's work and the kids' school
outdoor space to play
space for visitors
a nice big kitchen and playroom would be awesome

House #1- the garden house

Located fairly close to Rob's work (possible to bike ride when the weather is nice) but an hour bus ride for the kiddos.  The chimney in the photo is for an outdoor wood burning fireplace on the patio off of the living room space. 
7 bedrooms
3 1/2 bathrooms
2800 sq. ft. (which includes the finished basement)
1 car garage

The kitchen isn't my dream kitchen, but has space enough to work.  Those "cupboards" at the far left are the refrigerator and freezer. There is a separate pantry on this level.  Current tenants were in the process of packing when I took these photos, so the house is pretty messy, but the floors are in good shape.

Front yard has a small patch of grass, rose bushes, and a shrubbery shaped like Wilson from the movie Castaway (far right.)

Main level/ master bath.
One full bath on each level, plus a half bath in the foyer.
(cat not included)

This bedroom and the next one share a balcony off the side of the house.
Nice, but possibly a safety hazard for the little ones.

2nd upstairs bedroom

upstairs bathroom

3rd upstairs bedroom
The master bedroom plus one more are on the main level, plus there are a couple more in the basement level. The upper level also has a mini kitchen area- kinda awkward use of space.

The backyard is occupied by an established garden.  This photo is of raspberry canes, there are also blackberry bushes, other berry bushes, a composting bin, and ample space to grow veggies.
House #2- The winter garden house
4 bedroom
2 bathrooms
2100 square feet
1 car garage

This house is located closer to the kids' school, but still has a 45 min bus ride, and is a bit farther from Rob's work (no longer bike-able.) Located on a corner, this house has more lawn space (fully fenced, as is the other home,) and grape vines growing over the back wall.

Main floor bathroom. 
Upstairs bathroom is nearly identical.

Main floor bedroom

The winter garden. 
In the US we would call this a heated sunroom, looking out on the backyard.

Dining room with small wood burning fireplace.

Large master bedroom upstairs as well as two other smallish bedrooms.

Kitchen. (Fridge on the left, with freezer below.)
So, I realize I didn't take pictures of every single room, but either home would work for our family.  I will tell you that it was no contest.  One of these homes we looked at and really, really loved. We looked at the other and thought, "uh no."  What do you think?  Take a guess in the comments and I will let you know our choice and reasons in my next blog post.  :)


Mim said...

Winter garden?

Becca Anderson said...

I like the quirkiness of the 1st house, but I think in the end you chose the 2nd house.

Mandy Benton said...

I am going to vote house #2. It has charm and the yard looks awesome and I love the sunroom, a perfect playroom! Hope I am right :-)

chrisnallynkids said...

the first house?