Sunday, November 16, 2014


Happy Halloween! What? It is almost Thanksgiving? Yeah, well, our Autumn has gone by in a blur, and I am just now getting these cute photos up on the blog to share. So here it goes.

We HAD grand plans for this Halloween... but when the time came to actually pull all of the pieces together, we had just moved into our house and none of our things had arrived yet (sewing machine, costume parts we had already bought, etc.) So one day I took the kids to the store on base and pointed to the three racks of Halloween costumes and said, "go ahead and pick whatever you want."  It was a novel experience for us, and didn't go that smoothly as Jakey only wanted a costume that did not fit him, and Charlotte and I had our first in-store discussion of what is and is not appropriate attire for a little girl. But we did manage to leave the store with four little costumes.  

The kidddos wore them to our church's Halloween party and trunk-or-treat and had a great time.  We did not go trick-or-treating on Halloween this year... Last time we lived in Germany for three years we had exactly ZERO kids come to our door, so I wasn't really expecting our new neighbors to trick-or-treat either.  We did however hear our doorbell ring just as we were sitting down to dinner, and saw four boys in semi-costumes at our front gate.  Charlotte ran out and gave them candy from our stash.  And that was it.  Our landlord says that word will spread and next year we will have 50 trick-or-treaters.  I say bring it on.

Amelie the adorable lady bug.

Jake as Leonardo- teenage mutant ninja turtle.
This costume did not fit him at all!  see how short the sleeves are?  So I cut it in half and added that teal "belt" from an old t-short of Jakey's that just happened to be the right color.  It worked out okay, but was still skintight.

Toby the Ninja Lord. 
 Not just a ninja... I was corrected many times on that one.

And Charlotte as Hello Kitty.  Cute, and a wee bit more grown-up than the princess choices I tried to steer her toward, without being too grown-up like the fishnet stockinged ghoul girls that also came in her size.

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