Sunday, November 16, 2014

in between times

So what do you do when you are living in a hotel?  Or, living in a house with extremely minimal toys and furniture and dishes? Well, let me give you a few examples from our lives from August 1st-November 9th....

You go to local fests.  
I think this was the Herbstfest in Wiesbaden. We also went shopping a lot- for food, clothing, and looking for a few furniture items we knew we would need for the house.

Good thing our kids don't suffer from hay fever.

You take walks.
Soooooo glad we brought this double stroller on the plane. I wasn't sure it would be worth it, but it made it possible for me to get out and explore much more while we waited for our truck to get here.

You encourage your children to produce evening entertainment for you.
Charlotte, Toby, and Jake wrote and performed several "plays" for us with improvised costumes and hilarious story lines.  Way better than 95% of what Hollywood puts out. I also had them memorizing bits of poetry and scripture.  If they could recite it from memory for Rob when he got home, they got a piece of candy or a quarter.

You write letters, draw pictures, and take time getting to know your belly button.... and then show it to absolutely everyone you meet in the hope that they will show you their belly button as well.

You play way more video games than you are normally allowed to, and you finish potty training the toddler while you have an empty house and loaner furniture. (No couches were harmed in the taking of this picture.)

You play some music and DANCE!

 You take a lot of selfies.

You read a stack of books, and when you are done with those you download some on the Kindle and you borrow some more from the library, and you just keep reading.

You build elaborate things out of Playdough. 
And Lincoln Logs. And random bits of tile, sticks, and rocks that you find in the yard. And construction paper and tape.

So, in conclusion, you give your imagination a really good workout.

And you take a lot of selfies.
(This one taken just after our furniture arrived!  Yippee!)

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