Monday, January 26, 2015

Garmisch and Linderhof

This past week we took a trip to Garmisch, Germany for a long weekend.We stayed at the Edelweiss Lodge, which is an American Resort there.

For our friends who used to live in Germany with us- look where the firetruck from the Food Court ended up!!  Charlotte and Toby used to ride this every time we went to visit the food court on base until it was finally replaced by a Lightning McQueen ride.  Amelie loved this so much. She made a beeline for it every opportunity she got. We also enjoyed the hotel pool, hot tub, gym, buffet breakfasts and dinners, and American amenities.

We also rented sleds and followed the rental guy's directions to a cow pasture where we could go sledding.  We started out on the hill right by the side of the road.

 The snow was perfect!

 I taught the Bear about snow angels.  He's a pro now.

 King of the Hill!
After a while, we decided to trek across the field to the opposite hill. Rob and I pulled the kids on the sleds.  This hill was much steeper than it looked from a distance.

 Rob braved it first.

But his sled didn't make it to the bottom of the hill with him.  It was really steep.

I made it down with my sled once, but only because Rob made a pretty good track for me first.

 On sleds or off, it was a fun day.

 The next day I stayed at the hotel to hang around the pool with Jake and Ami, while Rob hit the slopes with Charlotte and Toby.  The kiddos had a lesson and loved their first ski trip.  Over dinner I was told that it was harder than it looked, and that they were sore and tired.  When we told them next year it would be easier, Charlotte burst into tears that she wouldn't get to go again the next day.  That really surprised me! Toby told me that now he has five sports he is good at- soccer, t-ball, swimming, reading, and skiing.

The next day it was time to go home.  But not without a side trip to Linderhof!  So, maybe it was snowing a ton, and maybe it wasn't exactly on the way home, someone who stayed at the hotel all day the day before wanted to go see it and so we did.  The drive was a bit treacherous, but I think it was worth the trip.

 The kids were not super happy about the hike through the snow to the palace, but they made it. King Ludwig II was a bit of a nut, and loved building castles.  He built three in Bavaria, but this was the only one finished before his death.  It is kinda like a little kingly bachelor pad in my opinion.  Some of my favorite Ludwig craziness?  He slept during the day and stayed up all night.  He also dined alone, but had the table set for four and carried on imaginary conversations with the deceased French king Louis XV and Marie Antionette. He never married- shocker, right?  They don't allow photos inside the palace, but if you'd like to know more about it and see pictures, you can read the wikipedia article here.

Beautiful gardens, even in the snow.

Amelie liked it.

 On our way out, the swans came up from the pond to pose for photos in the snow.  We then headed home and nearly experienced death by gps.  The road we were directed down was fine until we hit the Austrian border.  Then there was a snow gate and signs for vehicles that had chains on their tires only, and started heading up into the alps.  We had to turn around and add an hour to our drive, but we made it home safely.  It was a fun weekend away.  Jake is still talking about the hotel, and how he would like to live there instead of here.  Poor Bear has spent too much of his recent life living in hotels!

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Mandy Benton said...

Oh my gosh that firetruck!!! Hilarious!! Think of all the years of germs that have built up in there!! ha! Your trip to Garmisch looks very very cold. Pretty, but COLD.