Friday, January 02, 2015

reflecting on 2014

Christmas came and went at our house once again. I love Christmas!  I also love when Christmas is over and we can take down the tree and reclaim our living room, put away the heavy foods and return to eating like normal, make resolutions, read a good book, and get back into routines.

A couple of days after Christmas we even got our first snow!  We had that (not) fabulous ice storm in Georgia last year, but this was REAL snow... perfect for making a diminutive snow person.

At the beginning of last year I posted some resolutions... yeah, I didn't accomplish any of those.  I did make progress on all of them- I memorized about 10 scriptures, I am down a little bit of weight, with some more yet to go, and the kids have learned a few more life skills- loading the dishwasher, vacuuming, cleaning the toilet, etc.  (No, they are not indentured servants.) But I am totally fine with that.  I suppose I could feel defeated, but I choose to see it as "practice makes progress."

Other progress we made in 2014:
Moved out of our home in Georgia, spent 3 months in transit, and moved into our new home in Germany.
Rob was called to serve as the Secretary in the Elder's Quorum of our new ward and is enjoying his new job and getting to exercise his language muscles.
I was called as the Primary President a few weeks ago and am adjusting to my new responsibilities.  (Or trying to, anyway.)
Charlotte has become an avid reader, was baptized, and has made new friends and adjusted well.
Toby is a beginning reader, a Super Mario aficionado, and loves going to Kindergarten.
Jakey is adjusting to having his own room, being the big brother during the school days, and is the cuddliest three year old ever.
Amelie is walking, talking, loves stuffed animals, and still doesn't know she is a baby. She spoke her first sentence during the New Year's Eve fireworks the other night, "I want Da!"  (Apparently Daddy can protect her from scary noises better than Mommy.)

Plans we have for 2015:
Travel, travel, travel!  One of the main reasons that we love living in Germany.
Charlotte and Toby are beginning piano lessons starting next week.
I am starting an artist's group in our home.  This is inspired by Charlotte's request for an art class- which, since I have been unable to find a suitable option, we are creating our own.  More about this after we have met a few times and see how it is going.
Rob and I are planning something special for our 10 year anniversary next Fall. Stay tuned.
Jake will be starting German Kindergarten.
Amelie will begin going to Nursery at church in March.  (February if I can sneak her in!)
We are going to have a rocking garden this year.
And we are all going to learn more German!  Really this time.  Santa brought Rob and I Rosetta Stone, Toby and Charlotte get German and Spanish at school, and Jake will begin to learn German at school.
 It may not work out perfectly as planned, but that is okay, there will be more progress made.

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Khinna said...

You are amazing at updating your blog. That is a goal of mine this 2015 year and we are making more art too. Happy New Year!