Thursday, April 02, 2015

18 thoughts about Amelie at 18 months

Amelie turned 18 months old a few weeks ago!  So here are some things that you may, or may not, know about our littlest little one.

1. Amelie has a lot of nicknames: Ami, Ameloo, Amma Pajama, Squishy... but by far the most used right now is just plain old Lou. Sometimes Lulu. I find it terribly amusing that my beautiful, sweet, darling girls answer to Bubba and Lou.  I like it.

2. Lou understands everything we say to her but doesn't say much... especially in public.  People notice this regularly and comment on it.  The other day at a friend's house I noticed she only had one shoe, so I asked her, "where's your shoe?"  She responded with upturned hands and a shrug and ran off.  A minute later she returned with the missing shoe.  Likewise, when she needs a diaper change she either points to her bum or just brings me a diaper and wipes.

3. We are going to start potty training very soon.

4. Although she is a girl of few words, she does use the words she has to great effect.  Calling Rob Dee-dah instead of Daddy is adorable and gets her picked up by him every time.  She also says Mommy, Dahdit, Tee-Toh, and Jaytey. So she can get anyone in the family's attention easily.  No and Yes have been around for a while, but just this week she added Mayme. She uses ME to refer to herself (short for Amelie,) and can request her favorite foods: Cheesy and Treat. For example, if I open the fridge I will likely hear, "Me! Cheesy!  Me!"

5. You must never, ever eat chocolate in front of her without sharing. It's a bit like feeding a gremlin after midnight. 

6. At her 18 month check-up she weighed 11 kg and was 84 cm tall.  In American, that's 24 lbs. and 33 inches, or 50th% for weight and 85th% for length. Guess she needs some more cheese and treats.

7. Amelie loves stuffed animals.  Her 2 favorites are Lambie and her music playing Seahorse.  She sleeps with these every night and likes to bring them to breakfast as well.  She will cuddle with all of her stuffed animals though and likes to hold her dollies and rock them in her rocking chair singing, "Laa, laa, rock, rock."  It is freaking adorable.

8. She may be tone deaf, but this just adds to how much we love to hear her sing.

9. She loves her Daddy.  When she sees his truck pull in the driveway she begins to dance and pound on the glass patio door.  As soon as he is in the house she reaches up, calls "Dee-Dah, Dah!" and complains until he drops everything else and picks her up and walks around the house with her.

10. She loves to give slobbery kisses and big hugs but she is surprisingly uninterested in cuddling.  She gives and receives some quick affection and then she is off and running again.

11. She loves videos of cats and dogs but real live animals make her nervous.

12. She loves to help around the house. As soon as I open the dishwasher she comes running to put away the silverware (she drops them in the drawer, and then I put them in the right spots,) put away the kid dishes (they go in a low cupboard so kids can help themselves,) or put the dishwasher soap in to run it.  She loves working in the garden.  She also likes to take folded laundry to people's rooms... it just usually isn't folded anymore by the time it gets there.

13. She loves to pick out her own outfits and is very partial to dresses and a pair of pink crocs that used to be Charlotte's.

14. She thinks she can jump, even though her feet never leave the ground.  She grins and giggles and bounces up and down and loves it.

15. She also thinks she can play video games.  The big kids give her a Wii-mote that is out of batteries and she happily plays video games with them.  Pretty much anything the other kids are doing, she wants to do too.

16. She loves bath time. Especially with bubbles.   

17. Her hair has grown into this funky Mrs. Brady-style mullet that I don't really know what to do with and her eyes have turned from gray to hazel.  She is our only non-brown eyed baby.

18. She has really made our family feel complete.  We all love our baby girl and her smiles and hugs and kisses.  Can't imagine our family without her. 

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