Friday, May 01, 2015

Spring sports

This Spring Jakey is playing in the Bambino soccer league.  They only have six once a week practices and no games.  They have been learning basic skills and he gets to score lots of goals so he thinks it is great.

Toby couldn't wait to play t-ball again.  This year he is one of the older, more experienced kids on his team of five and six year olds. They are the Detroit Tigers.

His coach has been wonderful and a few weeks ago told Toby that he needed him to be an assistant coach and help the littler ones with their swings.  I love seeing him feel so proud and accomplished.

Jakey has shown up to every practice with his glove and warmed up with the team.  A week before their first game, the coach gave Jake a uniform and told him that he made the team!  I thought he was going to fly away, he was so excited! So, despite being only three years old, Jake is also a Detroit Tiger this Spring.  The coach told him, "if anyone asks, say you are five." He is doing really well and is not even the smallest guy on the team.  The main issue so far is reminding the person helping the batters that he is a leftie, so that he gets set up on the left side of the tee.

I didn't think we would be here so soon! 
But I love it.

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Aubrey said...

The pic of those bros is adorable. Love how Toby has his arm around Jakey's shoulders!