Saturday, June 27, 2015

Color Run- Toby's First 5k

This morning Toby and I ran the Color Run on base. This was Toby's first 5k and he did awesome! We had been training the past few weeks by playing tag in the park near our house a few evenings a week. That was Toby's idea, and it was a really fun way to prepare for a race. (Way more fun than anything I would have come up with.) We walked, jogged, and ran parts of it and finished in 45 minutes.

We arrived at 7 am.  Registered, picked up our race shirts, ate some breakfast, and then waited in the gym for the start time.  It was kinda pouring rain outside.

Wearing his first splashes of color.

Halfway point... I think the rain had just about stopped at this point.

And after the finish line!
As soon as Toby saw the finish line he broke into a dead sprint and finished a bit ahead of me, that stinker! I am so excited to have a running buddy anyway though... even if he did make me eat his dust. We saw a lot of friends there that cheered him on as he approached the finish line and he loved that too.  The Color Run was a great first race I think.  He is already asking when our next race will be and is going to try to talk Charlotte into doing it with us.

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