Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ich liebe Legoland

The day after school was out, we loaded up ye olde minivan and drove to Legoland in Germany for a weekend getaway!

 I think the boys could have spent a day just looking at the huge Lego displays of cities all around Europe.

Charlotte and Rob liked seeing the funny things all of the little Lego people were doing in this huge soccer stadium. 
But there were a lot of rides to go on, so we had to hurry along to ride them!  On Friday, we didn't wait in line for more than 5 minutes for any ride in the park. The lines were a bit longer on Saturday, but still I think the most we waited for anything was 20 minutes.

From the top of the one ride, Rob snapped this photo of the Legoland Resort.  We stayed in a castle themed cottage here for the night.

Jake was big enough to go on many rides with an adult. Even the smallest roller coaster.

Amelie's choices were a bit more limited, but she had a lot of fun and rode the rides that she could several times with Mom or Dad.  She liked driving Daddy around the Jungle Safari.

Four happy kids in front of the world's largest Lego brick.  
(Made of over a million Legos.)

This ride was semi-people powered. Toby and Charlotte had to pull the rope to make it ascend, then at the top you could let it gently fall back to the ground.

Rob took Jake up, and we discovered that Jake really does not like heights.  He insisted on doing every ride he was big enough for though, so he toughed it out. 

Ami and her Lego piggy friend.

While the big kids went on the log flume, and every roller coaster in the park (twice, once with me and once with Rob,) Amelie enjoyed the canoe expedition... like 4 times.

Jake earned his Junior Driver's License, and we had a long chat about how that was only valid for Legoland cars.

And Rob, Charlotte, and Toby rode the Ninjago ride.  
This was one of the favorite rides all weekend.

Charlotte and Toby have turned out to be fearless amusement park ride riders.  I am shocked! And I love it.  I hadn't been on a roller coaster in years (too busy being pregnant and having babies,) so it was awesome to realize that all of a sudden there are rides that we can enjoy together.  

We had a super fun and tiring weekend! The kids want to know when we are going back, but that will have to wait for another year. Everything is awesome at Legoland, but there are other places on our list to see yet.

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