Tuesday, August 25, 2015

mia bella caccolina

In early August, we got to host some Italian friends for a week. Mari and I were roommates at BYU about 17 years ago, and hadn't seen each other since. But thanks to the miracle of Facebook, we have been in touch the past several years, and when she expressed an interest in visiting the Frankfurt area, I invited her to come stay with us.  I am so glad they took us up on the offer, because we had so much fun visiting. And eating.

See, Mari and her friend Monica are Italian chefs. One night they made 10 different pizzas for all of us.  Soooooo much yummy pizza. Between our three families, we had 5 adults and 8 children in the house but it was still way too much pizza.

Buffalo mozzarella, fresh garden tomatoes, Mug root beer.
Another evening they made two pans of lasagne- with homemade sauce and beschamel.  And homemade tiramisu for dessert.  (They even made me a third lasagne to put in the freezer for another day!) I was exceedingly spoiled.

In exchange, I taught their kids how to roast a perfect s'more on a 100 degree day. I also provided plenty of Dr. Pepper, Mari's favorite drink back in the day.

 Only Mari spoke English from her crowd.  And only Rob spoke Italian from our crowd.  Although I really impressed Monica by sharing the Italian Mari taught me so many years ago... this blog post is titled "my beautiful little boogers." She only taught me really important things like that.

But the kids got along really well and had fun jumping on the trampoline, going to the playground, and playing Legos and Barbies.  Rob and Fabrizio took all of the boys to the park a couple of evenings to play baseball and they enjoyed that as well. I love this photo of Giulia "reading" a book to Amelie by describing the pictures in Italian.

We loved seeing you Mari and getting to meet your bellisima famiglia and cari amici. I hope we will get to see you again... maybe next time in Italia! 

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