Friday, September 18, 2015

First days! (belated)

Toby's first day of first grade! 
A big change for Toby this year is that he has enrolled in a partial immersion program at his school.  Half his day is in English (Reading, Spelling, Language Arts) and half is in German (Math, Science, Social Studies.) He know several kids in his class and is loving it so far, and learning German very quickly.

Charlotte's first day of third grade!
Charlotte's biggest changes this year are having a male teacher for the first time and having a big locker. She didn't know anyone in her class on day one, but now has two new best friends. She is so great at making friends.

Charlotte's first day back at piano!
She got off to a rocky start back in January, but after the Summer break she was ready to get back to work with a new improved attitude. I think she just expected it to be easier, and it has been good for her to have to work hard at something and to see her improvement.

Toby's first day of viola!
Toby has really, really wanted to play the cello since he was like 3.  I did much searching last year, but was unable to find him a Suzuki method teacher (that we could afford, anyway.) So he played piano with Charlotte. Well, a new family moved into our ward this Summer and the mom teaches violin and viola! So Toby has begun viola lessons (which he may someday decide to switch to cello, but for now he is so excited!)

This is also happening! 
Toby has started playing flag football. I am glad that it is not tackle football, as we really have some learning to do about all of the positions, rules, and ya know, catching the ball.  But Toby is loving being a football player, and this a great time for him to learn the basics and decide if it is something he wants to continue to pursue. 

And finally THIS is happening! 
Charlotte has joined cheerleading. She is the youngest girl on her squad of 9-11 year olds (she turns 9 next month) and she has been struggling with having confidence in this new environment.  But each practice she has improved, and she says that she loves it.  I will put up a photo of her in her uniform at her first game.

Soooo, life has suddenly become very, very busy.  But wait, there's more.  I'll give an update on what Jake is up to in a few weeks.  Stay tuned.

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Aubrey said...

Charlotte and Toby have suddenly begun to look so much older — so unlike the toddlers I remember — that it makes my heart hurt. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to stay connected, but it reminds me how long it's been since we lived in Deutschland!

Hope they love their new activities! Miss you all!!