Saturday, March 12, 2016

I hope they call me on a mission

Last weekend we held a Primary activity for the children at our church. It was a Mini MTC.  MTC stands for Missionary Training Center, which is where Mormon missionaries go to learn the ropes, and their language if required at the start of their missions.  They spend up to eight weeks there and then are sent out around the world by pairs, as you know.

At our Mini- MTC experience we had five missions.  The children received mission calls, just like the real deal, and missionary tags.

Each group of mini-missionaries attended classes on the culture of their country, nutrition (talking about the Word of Wisdom and having a snack,) life skills (ironing, sewing on buttons, taking care of their belongings,) missionaries in action (practicing knocking on doors and talking with people about their beliefs,) and P-Day (the one day a week missionaries get to do laundry, write home, get some exercise or be tourists or shop- our minis wrote letters and played red light, green light.)

There were so many adults involved to make this activity a success and they seriously did awesome. I was able to just move around and check-in on the classes and I was so impressed by what all of the teachers had prepared for their groups.

The kids were engaged and changed classes every 20 minutes which helped to keep them interested and focused.

I love getting to be in Primary with my kiddos and trying to help them develop their faith and have opportunities to learn and have fun too.

Someone I know recently insinuated that we "brainwash" kids in Primary.  I disagree. I thought about that comment a lot with this activity because I can see how from the outside someone would say we are brainwashing them into going on missions.  But I was there. These kids had a blast learning practical things for every day life.  We talked about the hard parts of being a missionary as well as the highlights. They asked great questions! They expressed their own beliefs.  They had respectful conversations about religion!!! Frankly, I'd kind of like to send a few Presidential candidates through our mini-MTC experience.

I love Primary. I love getting to learn from these children and to teach them a thing or two as well. They are smart. They are strong. And they will be fantastic at whatever they choose to do.

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Aubrey said...

You're inspiring the next generation! Sounds like a fantastic activity to me! And I'll tell you, the two precious missionaries who knocked on my door in England made my day every time they stopped by. That might be Charlotte some day.