Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Call me Beatrix

The big third grade history project at Charlotte's school is a living history museum. The children spent a month working on writing papers (requiring three sources,) creating costumes, writing and memorizing two minute speeches, and preparing visual presentations on historical figures of their choosing.  Charlotte chose Beatrix Potter because "she was an author and illustrator, and I want to be an author and illustrator." 

I took the little ones to visit the "museum" yesterday and it was so cute.  Charlotte did a great job and we all learned much about this neat lady and her love of nature, her work to preserve it in the Lake District, her study of mycology, and even her prize-winning sheep breeding.

On the way home from school yesterday Charltote was sad and I asked her why. She said she was sad that it was over and that she wouldn't get to teach people about Beatrix Potter anymore. Now that is a sign of a great educational experience!  When the children are sad when it ends.  

(Sidenote: This is Amelie's "cheese" face right now. Hilarious grimace. And Jake was not taking his eyes off of Christopher Columbus in his papier mache boat for anything. Also, every classroom had an Albert Einstein, and my most favorite costume was Frieda Kahlo.) 

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it's just lisa said...

I love this for so many reasons!

First- I too love Miss Potter!! Her story is very important and exciting. Lovely lady.

Second- That's so sweet that Charlotte was sad.

Third- Most Importantly, Charlotte will make a fine author illustrator! I remember my first visit to your house. I found dozens of drawings/paintings of Charlottes on walls and on the kitchen counter. She was drawing far above her age level, as far as I could tell. I was totally impressed. Still am.