Friday, May 13, 2016

FHE gone awry

So, our church recommends that families carve out some time to spend together on Monday evenings, and that is referred to as Family Home Evening. We have only ever been sporadic about doing this, until this year, and I am proud to say that we have had FHE every Monday (that we have been home) so far this year!  That might not excite you, but it is a serious accomplishment in my book.  So our usual agenda goes like this:

Announcements and family meeting: This is when we look at the calendar for the week and determine who is driving where when and if the kids have any school projects or the grown-ups have anything they want blocked out on the calendar.  We also answer any questions the kids have about plans on the calendar. (For example, they would really like me to make a beach trip happen this Summer.) We rotate who is in charge each week (including Amelie getting a turn) and this helps them learn how to be in charge of a meeting and make assignments.

Opening song and opening prayer:  Yes, we actually sing with Rob playing the piano. The children are also learning how to lead music. I LOVE this and look forward to when Charlotte will be able to play the piano for us someday.

Lesson: The kids take turns preparing this as well.  We keep it short and simple- a story from the Bible or Book of Mormon and what we can learn from it.  Maybe a coloring page.

Treat: The kids look forward to this and I try to make something special, whether it be Smores, ice cream, hot cocoa, or carrot cake.

Activity: We do something fun together. This year we have gone for walks, played board games, played outside games like Petanque, and red light/ green light, sung songs, written a family constitution, done yard work, etc.

So that is Family Home Evening.

One lovely Monday night recently we decided to walk to the duck pond near our house and feed the ducks for our activity.  I brought the camera because I wanted a picture of the Fasanerie all filled with these white wildflowers.

The weather was cool, but Springy and sunny.

The duck pond looked very picturesque.

And we were even lucky enough to see a family of ducks with all of these cute little ducklings.

And then this happened.  
Immediately after I took the duck picture above, Amelie went head over heels into the pond... which was surprisingly deep at the edge.  This picture apparently happened in my rush to get to her.

Rob jumped in and pulled her out unharmed, though somewhat freaked out and a whole lot wet and smelling like a duck pond.
I had on a t-shirt and had a sweatshirt with me, so I took off the t-shirt and made a temporary dry dress for Amelie to walk home in. Just another memorable FHE!


Aubrey said...

That picture! No clue how on earth you snapped that, but I'm so glad you did. That's one of those photos my kids would ask to see for YEARS!

So many things I admire about your church, but this has to be right up there at the top. Well done making it happen consistently for a year!

OUR HOUSE said...

Seriously, that is the funniest picture!

it's just lisa said...

Kids really keep us on our toes-huh? I loved reading this post :)