Friday, October 14, 2016

Back to school and business (belated)

Toby and Charlotte on the first day of 2nd grade and 4th grade!
One of the benefits of writing this post so late is that I can tell you how things are going. So far, so good.  Charlotte has made a new best friend (who sadly will be moving in 4 months, sheesh.) And Toby is enjoying his second year of German immersion with the same group of kids as last year- one of the added benefits of being in that class.

And a week later, Jakey on the first day of American Kindergarten!
So far Jake loves school.  He loves buying his lunch, and doing art projects, and riding the bus.  He gets pretty annoyed when I pack lunches (I do that about half of the time, and they buy half of the time,) or pick him up from school as he doesn't get to ride the bus home.
The day after Jake started school, Rob flew to Utah for his sister Rachel's wedding to John.  We are so happy for them and wish we all could have been there, but I am glad Rob got to spend some quality time hanging out with his siblings (without managing jet-lagged kids) too! Congrats again to Rachel and John.
We are continuing with piano and viola lessons for Charlotte and Toby and trying a few new things this Fall as well. Charlotte has started taking art lessons twice a month.  She is enjoying the work so far, and it is the first "homework" that she wants to do!
And Toby decided to try archery.  It is a new offering this Fall and for ages 8-18.  The first week was all safety instruction and Toby was seriously disappointed, but once they started shooting he immediately changed his mind and now thinks archery is awesome.  The two coaches are both former drill sergeants, and run a tight ship safety-wise, which is great.  And if kids mess around or don't pay attention, they get to do push-ups.
And finally, Amelie and I have taken on a new role as well this Fall.  
I have started a Community Library for a local refugee camp and have been working there twice a week.  (And from home on cataloging and labeling books as well, all together I spend about 20 hours a week on library stuff.) It is a wonderful space for the camp residents to be able to gather, and donations and support have been overwhelming.  What might not be quite as obvious, is that it is also a really good thing for me. I quit working ten years ago, and have loved being at home with my babies, but this gives me a way to use my education in a meaningful way again... and I am loving that.

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