Sunday, October 16, 2016

Barcelona Beach

We started our visit to Barcelona by enjoying an 80 degree day at the beach.

The Airbnb we stayed in was just a two block walk away, so as soon as we had dropped our luggage we went down to the shore to explore. It was evening, and windy, so we didn't go in the water but enjoyed a little seaside playground in the sand.

The next morning we stopped in a bakery and picked up some chicken empanadas and chocolate croissants (a little different than hoagies from Wawa or Publix, but excellent beach food) and headed to the seaside.  We had a stretch of sand mostly to ourselves and spent the day soaking up the sun and swimming.

The water was cool, but not cold.

The kids loved it.  And so did Rob and I.

Rob buried each of the kids in the sand at some point during the day.
When we were worn out and starving, we headed back to our apartment, had baths and showers, and ordered Dominos pizza and watched cartoons on the TV.  It was the most vacation-y day of a trip we have had in a long time!

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