Sunday, November 27, 2016

Bastei Bridge

We traveled to Dresden for Thanksgiving weekend. (We did an actual Thanksgiving dinner the weekend before: complete with a house full of friends, too much food, and even a board game. Which Rob and I lost, as per tradition. I cooked two turkeys! And didn't even take a single picture.)

As I was planning our trip, I came across this place called Bastei Bridge, about 40 minutes outside Dresden on the Czech border.  It looked fantastic, so I thought it would be worth the detour.

This is part of the area called Saxon Switzerland which is a German National Park.  The rock formations were created by water erosion.  In the 1800s this bridge was built connecting the segments as a way for tourists to see the area.

We had a fun time exploring on a foggy and grey day for a while.

The kids all thought it was cool, but we did have a meltdown from Jake when I insisted he hold hands on the bridge.  (This is the reality of traveling with four small children.) The bridge in the picture isn't the scariest part even.  There are more narrow walkways and bridges you cross as you explore a part that was once inhabited and there are rooms carved out of the rock, stones from a medieval catapult, and a replica catapult.  And long, long drops off of cliffs.

This is a lookout point over the Elbe.  It was quite foggy, and it is hard to explain with a picture how extremely high up we were.  There is actually a truck parked near the closest side of the river, in the lower left hand corner of this photo, if you can make it out.  It just looks like a white speck.

I came prepared for a bit of a hike for all of us, but it was actually an easy walk from the parking area. Not stroller friendly though, with lots of stairs and roots growing in the pathway. Thankfully, Amelie cooperated and was willing to walk after our long car ride.

I'm glad we went to see it.  It was completely worth the detour and was really awesome to experience.

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