Sunday, November 27, 2016

Halloween 2016

We had a fun Halloween this year, just doing the usual.

We went to our Church's Trunk or Treat event, and then passed out candy to our 3 German trick or treaters on the actual night of Halloween.  Jake was Super Mario this year.  He's jumping up to break a block in this photo.

Toby was a Zombie, and he let me write "Eat Locals" on his shirt.  He wanted his makeup "scary, but not too scary."

Amelie was going to be a cat/pumpkin and Rob was really excited about that. But then she found out she could be a princess and it was all over.  Apparently, this is how Sophia the First looks to Ami.

And Hermione. 
Charlotte read all of the Harry Potter books this year and couldn't wait to dress up for Halloween. (Though she thinks she's really a Ravenclaw at heart.)

Dress-up is fun.

So Rob and I decided to play too.  Rob was Buddy Holly and I was Mary Tyler Moore.  We were just wearing our own clothes, so I made us name tags. At least one person got it, and told me he thought it was great we dressed as a Weezer song.  Yay!!  One older gentleman asked Rob what his favorite Buddy Holly song was though, and he wasn't prepared to answer that question.  (Though he does know some Buddy Holly songs.) It was a fun and laid back Halloween this year.

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