Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017- looking ahead

Oh, do I have plans for 2017!

First, we have family coming to visit us, which we are so excited about! We also have 3 MAJOR road trips planned for this year. I won't talk about them in detail ahead of time too much, but one will be across the United States with extended stays in Pennsylvania and Utah to see our families and some of our friends!!!  It will have been 3 years since we have been to the States by then. We are really looking forward to that trip!

Second, I plan to continue working at the Rebstock Community Library for as long as we are able to keep it open.  German politics have been making a shift and it makes me nervous about what the future holds for the refugees being threatened with deportation, but all I can do is keep showing up and letting them know that we care about them and want to help them.

Third, Rob and I are going to go on 12 dates this year. One a month.  At least.  That may sound totally little to some of you, but for us it will be a huge improvement.  Our family is together- all. the. time.  We are pretty much the poster family for togetherness. But Rob and I seemed to really struggle last year with carving out time to do fun things without our kiddos.  We are going to remedy that this year!

Fourth, and finally, I am going to improve my personal scripture study this year.  This is another thing I have struggled with dedicating time to for myself.  The course of study for Sunday School this year is the Doctrine and Covenants and Church History, which goes along perfectly with our US road trip, so I am committing to reading the scriptures for each week's Sunday school lesson this year, which can be found in the teacher's manual here.

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Aubrey said...

Any chance that road trip takes you through Oklahoma?? ;) Or we could rendezvous at the Grand Canyon. Or anywhere between here and there. Think about it.

Also love that you're carving out some time for you and your hubs. Nick and I should do that too.