Thursday, February 23, 2017

Our first Pinewood Derby

On Saturday we attended our first big Cub Scout event. The annual Pinewood Derby.

Toby designed his car. He helped cut out his car.  He sanded it.  He painted it. We used pennies as weights and super-glued them on.  And we named it the Penny Express.  Sadly, it came in last in every race.  I convinced Toby that this is a good thing, as he can only do better next year!  Right?  He was disappointed, but was a pretty good sport about it.

After the Pinewood Derby, the Pack held their Blue and Gold Banquet and Pack Meeting.  Toby helped perform the flag ceremony and earned loads of achievements!  Here he is with his Den leaders receiving his Bobcat, Cyber Chip, and 4 Belt Loops.  He only needs 3 more to complete his Wolf badge.  It took some of the sting out of his Pinewood Derby loss for sure.

It was a long morning! We were at the Church from about 8:30 am-1 pm.

Afterwards we decided to make a whole "kid fun day" of it, so we took the kids to the matinee showing of the Lego Batman movie and then out for pizza dinner at the bowling alley.  Amelie and Jake were both pretty exhausted by dinner time, as you can see, but they all had a fun day.

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