Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Great British Road Trip: the Road to Edinburgh

We left Isle of Skye pretty early, as we had an important stop on the way to Edinburgh.  But first we had to check out Eilean Donan Castle. The castle was founded in the 13th century and is connected to the Mackenzie clan.  We didn't go explore the ruins, because we were short on time, and what it is most famous for is how it looks from the outside anyway.You might recognize it from Highlander or The World is Not Enough or even Made of Honor.

But we had bigger fish to fry.... namely Nessie. 
We drove along the banks of Loch Ness until we came to Urquhart Castle and then stopped to explore. We watched a short video about the history of the castle- dating from the 13th-16th century, but mostly we were there because it was scenic spot to look for the Loch Ness monster.  Or at least, that's why I was there.

It was extremely windy out there by the water!

No sign of her yet.
We trekked down to the water's edge for a cold, windy family photo.  I was kinda hoping Nessie would photo-bomb us.

Mythical monsters, or not, it is a beautiful lake.  

This big chunk of the castle appears to have fallen off and landed just right to make a perfect stone play house.  Anyway, that was our main pit-stop on the road to Edinburgh.

We arrived at our airbnb and the location was fantastic, just below the Edinburgh Castle.  The apartment itself, was an extremely basic walk-up in a very old building with 12 foot ceilings.  But the location meant we could park the car and go on foot everywhere we wanted to go.

We walked down the street and saw so many interesting restaurants.  We ended up at this place called the Cooley Picture House.  It was an old silent movie theater, converted to a restaurant.  The setting was awesome, but the food was just okay.  After that, we tried to get some sleep for a big day of sightseeing in the morning!

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