Thursday, April 25, 2013

March and April catch-up post

This week I took my last turn teaching Toby's preschool co-op.  This photo is from our field trip to the fire station back when it was still cold out (you know, that's like 55 degrees in GA.) It has been such a fun experience for him!  He just loves his school, and I am thankful to all the mom-teachers who made it work so beautifully.

Climbing the eucalyptus tree in our yard has become a regular activity for the bigger monkeys in the house.

Like Toby, Jake loves to do anything he can to help dad with the yardwork.  He is such a cute little toddler these days!  I love how his cheeks just look like they are full of pudding- they even bounce when he runs!

In early April we celebrated my sweet Rob's birthday.  I baked him a cake and got him the FINAL book in the Wheel of Time series for his birthday and his sister Allyson came over from Atlanta with her kiddos for a few days during Spring break that same week.  (Jake was not cooperating for any photos. And also, 'booyah' is not a valid play in Scrabble.) 

The fruit bowl bandit.
One day I went to switch the laundry, when I came back Jakey had climbed up on top of the kitchen counter and was halfway through his SECOND banana, while simultaneously eating a whole pear in the other hand.  I also found later that he had taken a giant bite out of the end of an avocado, peel and all.  He is a bottomless pit!  And I don't think there is anything he loves more than fresh fruit. I guess that's a good thing, right?

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Aubrey said...

Rob's birthday cake looked AMAZING! It's 9am and I'm drooling for a piece! Also, Rob's shirt is awesome.

That picture of Jake with the pear and banana...LOVE IT! Such a cutie and such a healthy eater! :)